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Handmade. All Natural. Camel Milk Soaps & More

In my search for all natural and chemical free soap for my family, I have found very limited options. I decided to make my own, I have created all natural, camel milk, skin moisturizing, chemical free soaps for my family and yours. 

Camel Milk & its Amazing Benefits

Camel's Milk: The Weird New Thing For Super-Soft Skin


My son suffered from severe eczema and prescription medicine didn’t work. I started using Bath Bubblz soap knowing it is all natural and made with camel milk, within a couple of days he stopped etching and his skin started to heal.

Sabrina, MD

My boyfriend got me the giftbox for my birthday, i absolutely loved it.

Amber, CA

I just love your truffles, they’re amazing.

Ally, VA

My skin feels softer than ever, thank you

Kate, NC

My 10 year old granddaughter been suffering from eczema most of her life but couldn’t take medication, bath bubblz camel milk soap was God send, after less than a week of using the rash had stopped and her skin started healing.

Lisa, Washington DC